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Remote Work Delivers Enhanced Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the world in significant and unique ways. One of the most meaningful changes thrust upon companies during the past year is the concept of remote work. For health and safety reasons, many companies made the decision to transition all or a part of their workforce to remote operations. Many employers worried about how this shift would affect worker productivity. The results have put those concerns to rest by proving the remote workforces are more productive than traditional on-site workers.

Remote Work Productivity Statistics Beat On-Site Numbers

According to a recent research study by Harvard University doctoral students Natalia Emanuel and Emma Harrington, employees who made the shift from on-site to remote work saw an 8-10% increase in productivity.[1] Properly trained workers can transition to remote work and tend to be more productive at home due to fewer distractions while they are working.

How IT Tools Can Improve Remote Employee Productivity

Services like Artemis IT’s Virtual Office provide employees the ability to utilize a personalized cloud desktop from any device with an internet connection. Through the use of centralized servers, Virtual Office provides access to centralized calendars, documents, and email platforms across devices. The service also supports VoIP phone service and delivers world-class security options to protect your data.

Ways to Improve Remote Working

Other ways to improve remote work include using meeting blocks so employees know when others are in meetings. You may also want to use statuses for do not disturb, out of office, etc. to communicate your status to your co-workers. Many organizations that transitioned to a remote workforce have created a virtual communication policy to facilitate better two-way communication in a remote environment.

Tech Tips for Working from Home

While workers continue to transition working from home, many are not prepared to maximize their efforts with the correct technologies. Employers can help their workforce prepare for the changes by planning for these items:

  • Adequate internet access
  • Remote access to company networks
  • Apps for phone and virtual meetings
  • Document management

Other Benefits of Working from Home

As previously mentioned, working from home enhances productivity, but there are many other benefits as well. Many employees find that they have a better work/life balance and less stress when they are not required to commute into an office. Companies that transition to a remote workforce found, without geographical limits, their pool of employees expanded which gave them access to top performers in many areas of the country.

A remote workforce also reduces the overhead cost related to buildings, office furniture, and other on-site expenses. These hard dollar savings coupled with the productivity increases caused by remote work make now a great time to transition.

We Can Help You Make the Switch to Remote Working

If you’re considering the switch to a remote workforce, let Artemis IT help you make the transition. Request a consultation with us today to find out how easy and quick it can be for your business to begin utilizing a remote workforce.