ALL THE PRODUCTIVITY AND SECURITY –without any capital investment.

IT Professionals in Data Center

Users have the flexibility to access their personalized “Cloud Desktop” from virtually any device from anywhere there is an internet connection. Since processing happens in the cloud, your apps perform the same whether running on a PC, MAC, or mobile device.

Built with enterprise-class security and managed data backup, Virtual Office from Artemis keeps your data safe. Experience hassle free, worry free business computing, call Artemis today and learn more about the freedom Virtual Office can provide your organization

Access from Anywhere

Log in from any type of device. The only requirement is an internet connection.

Secure and Confidential

Your data is protected within layers of security and automated backups.

Control Your Costs

No need to purchase expensive computers. (Includes all resources and support)

Email and Scheduling

Team access to centralized calendars, documents, and email across devices.

Centralized Servers

Powerful, redundant, state-of-the-art hardware.

Your Apps

Microsoft Office, Adobe, QuickBooks, and the other apps you use.

VoIP Phone Service

Choose your phones, choose your service and choose your features.


Fully managed and supported in the USA by Artemis.

Business Continuity

Your data is protected and easily accessible in the event of a disaster.


Available Managed Compliance Services to help you navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity compliance requirements.

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