Hacking Alert4 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe from Hackers

Keeping your company and client’s information safe is vital to retaining business. Hacking has quickly become one of the most talked-about business topics, especially for small businesses. Here are the top four ways you can keep your data secure and prevent hackers from ruining your future.

Problem with Hackers

Hackers use programs to find weak points in security systems, cause a disruption, and then steal the information. While large companies are targeted for personal information, small businesses are also at risk.[1] Many criminals prefer to target a smaller company because they lack the resources to have stronger security in place. Information taken includes social security numbers and financial information. They are after anything to create identity theft or make unauthorized purchases. Some criminals steal all the information possible and then sell it.

1. Know Where You Are Vulnerable

The best place to start with cybersecurity is to hire a professional IT company, like Artemis IT, to come and review your network. This review should include finding any weak points in your daily routines and offering guidance to address any findings. An expert will know how hackers access information and have resources to prevent phishing or malware. As vulnerabilities are uncovered, make immediate changes to strengthen the security.

2. Develop a Plan

Security plans should include how to fix current problems and methods to prevent future issues from arising. A few protocols you need include are how the opening and closing of daily business is performed. Whenever possible, use a two-step verification processes, especially when finances are concerned. Implement a required password policy for your company. This policy should include the difficulty level of passwords and rules determining how often it should be changed. Finally, have a security expert review any new software before it is installed.

3. Keep Everything Updated

It is important to keep all your software and security applications updated to the latest versions. Before running any updates, back up your data to a secure location. Software updates include patches as new weaknesses are found. Hackers never stop trying to find new ways into programs, so you should not become complacent with protection. Consider using multiple forms of security, such as firewalls and malware scanners.

4. Hold Education Classes

While it is your responsibility to maintain security measures, you need to educate your employees on safe practices. Consider holding classes annually that review employee responsibilities and potential warning signs. Employees should know the software applications approved for download, how to spot a breach, and which emails to avoid and report. Finally, any good safety courses should have a basic class on how malware works to protect the sensitive data of customers, employees, and the company.

Being proactive is the key to keeping your business and clients safe from hackers. Remember, once your company is breached, customers will take note of how you respond; they will be leery of potential future problems. Your success will depend on your ability to reassure them of the safety of their data. Artemis IT understands the importance of network security, and we work to create a unique strategy for your company to improve profitability. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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