Improve SecurityEvery growing company faces the risk of losing susceptible data. Thus, companies are now looking for effective ways to manage these security breach threats. One possible remedy growing companies are looking at using managed IT services to enhance data protection. Artemis IT is experienced in handling data security threats. With our managed IT services, we focus on five aspects of security to make sure your data is safe so you can have peace of mind.

1. Remote Monitoring

A business’s IT infrastructure needs to be fully functional to maintain maximum security. Our remote monitoring enables this to happen by making sure that every aspect of the system is secure and working properly.

From our control center, we can keep an eye on key aspects of our technology from not only outside attacks but also from internal issues. No matter what issues arise, we will be there to notice.

2. Perimeter Management

Backing up the remote monitoring is perimeter management, which helps a business maintain its software as well as its IT processes. Perimeter Management is another layer of protection that can quickly pick up on firewall breaches and intrusions.

Besides detection, perimeter management is crucial in securing installation, upgrade, and maintenance systems. With optimal security, hardware and software functionalities will be easy to achieve.

3. User Education

There are both external and internal security breaches. Businesses can easily identify and mitigate external threats. User education is key to reducing internal security threats. Managed IT services help by providing ongoing security education that can positively impact users. They learn about the benefits of encryption, why they should not click on spam email links, and much more.

4. Endpoint Protection

Another way to improve business data safety is by using endpoint protection provided by managed IT services. This service monitors all the entry points into the business network. Securing all business access points means that malware and other threats will not get in unnoticed.

Endpoint protection has become more necessary than it was in previous years because companies are now encouraging workers to use their devices at home to make remote working more convenient. Endpoint protection helps secure businesses that allow remote working.[1]

5. Email Security

Maximum email security is included in IT managed services. This service scans incoming emails and ensures they do not contain harmful links that could compromise company data.

Phishing is a common challenge facing most businesses. Scammers send emails with attractive subject lines to lure users into clicking on them. The emails contain malicious links that grant attackers access to business networks.

Email security helps businesses mitigate the phishing risk and improve protections for their infrastructure and data.

Making sure your data is secure means protecting your company and your clients. To learn more about processes used to protect your data or other services we provide, please feel free to contact us at Artemis IT, and we will happily answer any questions you have.