working from homeWith extreme weather becoming more and more common, many companies are having to work around floods, fires, hurricanes, and more. If you want to avoid major IT outages, you need to be proactive. A few simple preventative measures can make it easy to keep your phones, computers, and other devices working regardless of the weather.

Switch to Cloud-Based Services

Especially for those in disaster-prone areas, it is a bad idea to have everything on-site. Cloud-based computing can be one of the most reliable methods for managing IT. Having things like company email or group projects on a cloud-based server helps ensure these critical items are still accessible. Most major cloud-based services use backups throughout the world, so even if one data center goes down, another is still operational.[1]

There are all sorts of ways to add virtual desktop to your company. Users have the flexibility to access their personalized “Cloud Desktop” from virtually any device from anywhere there is an internet connection. Since processing happens in the cloud, your apps perform the same whether running on a PC, MAC, or mobile device. Built with enterprise-class security and managed data backup, Virtual Office from Artemis keeps your data safe.

Set Up Remote Work Options

If your IT plan relies on all your workers coming into the office and working there, a single weather problem can cause issues. It is a good idea to start looking at remote work opportunities. Training staff in using things like remote desktop, video meetings, and conference calls can make it easier to switch to remote work during a disaster.

This allows all your IT workers to travel as needed. If power is out in one part of the city, they can easily work from home or go to a temporary or virtual office. Allowing remote work also ensures your IT systems keep running smoothly when critical workers cannot safely travel to the office.[2]

Have a Weather Disaster Plan Ready

A major part of weatherproofing your IT is simply being prepared for disaster. A lot of common issues, like power outages or floods, are only a problem when you do not have contingencies set up. Businesses need to identify potential problems, like a power outage that could erase recent software updates, and find solutions for them.

A clear, definable recovery plan ensures that rough weather does not cause everyone to panic. Once you create your weather disaster plan, have employees walk through it once a year or so. This helps you identify flaws in your plan and get all your employees up to speed.[3]

Identify and Secure Essential Information

The most important part of any IT services department is managing information. Therefore, your first goal before any weather disaster is to make sure all-important information is secure. This can include things like software, contacts, and financial data.

You need to make sure all of this information is safe and easily accessible by off-site IT. To do so, your company will need multiple backups. Having a physical copy can make it easier to keep things running if power is out while having a separate external hard drive can protect from physical damage.

If you want the most reliable IT services possible, turn to Artemis IT. We provide an extensive range of virtual offices, off-site IT, infrastructure services, cloud networking, and more. You can count on us to provide a customized IT solution that works for your weather challenges and business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our helpful services.