What to Know About Contracted IT Services for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you need all the financial flexibility you can get to thrive in a competitive market. Building out functional, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure can be quite costly. This is especially the case when you consider all the extra measures that you have to take to shield it from rising security threats.[1] As a result, opting to let a contracted service provider handle your IT needs makes sense.


Challenges of Setting Up an In-House IT Department

Sophisticated hackers are improving their skills daily. Can you trust your IT services are that advanced?  Let’s hope so. You have options, but either way, you need competent IT professionals guiding you every step of the way.

Of course, it would also take an immense amount of time to develop IT infrastructure on your own. Thus, letting a professional team design your IT infrastructure makes sense because you’ll have the flexibility to focus on your core competencies.


Outsourcing vs In-House IT

When you opt to outsource IT services to a local company specializing in such services, you will get access to a world-class IT infrastructure instantly. Establishing an in-house IT department takes time. You have to shop around for the right hardware and software. You also have to hire the right IT support staff. Therefore, as far as getting the right IT support for your business, outsourcing is the more efficient solution.

Managed IT service providers, like Artemis IT, offer their services to many clients. This allows organizations to invest in high-end security solutions that can keep up with emerging security threats. Furthermore, since managed IT companies specialize in offering IT services, customers have access to a better talent pool of security experts. In addition, managed IT providers already have a wealth of experience in the IT industry offering brilliant technology-based solutions, which makes it possible for them to provide safer IT security infrastructure. As a result, outsourcing typically gives you better data and privacy protections when compared to an in-house solution.

If you go with Artemis IT, you’ll have the epitome of professionalism, partly because we don’t care for the term “outsource.” We consider our firm to be more of an off-site IT firm. With that mindset, we’ll work closely with your business to meet all your specific IT needs. We’re experienced IT professionals, and we can offer your business a managed IT service that is up to date on all the latest techniques. We’ll offer you top of the line data and privacy protections and pass on any savings to you. Tech support for small businesses is something we specialize in. And as a local company that is engrained in the Space Coast community, we know the unique needs of the region.


Benefits of Independent Contracting IT Services

IT services are one of the most common outsourced services for small businesses, but at Artemis IT, we differentiate ourselves from the rest. You will receive one dedicated IT professional who is backed up by a whole team of IT experts.

Companies also get on-demand business support, which allows them to get the same access to high-end technology features that larger companies can get.

If you have a small business in need of secure and efficient IT support services, partnering with a company that specializes in offering technology support makes the most sense. Contact Artemis IT to get access to state-of-the-art IT infrastructure at an affordable price.



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