Many individuals and businesses are facing significant challenges as the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic forces us to rethink how we can continue to maintain our relationships and work effectively. We believe there are three key reasons why technology can keep things moving forward and help us pull through the COVID-19 Pandemic.



  1. Remote Work Capabilities: You may have never dreamed you’d be writing up your next big report with your child sitting next to you playing their online educational game, but here we are. Many employers have sent their employees to work from home in an effort to quell the spread of COVID-19, with strong cloud services access, or VPN to office networks, work can continue without a great deal of interruption.


  1. Virtual Events/Streaming: Event organizers across the country are canceling, postponing, or moving events online. Technology can allow events to continue without major hiccups. Artists taking to Facebook Live to perform, speakers moving to platforms like Zoom or YouTube, and businesses leveraging Microsoft Teams are just some of the ways online technologies can be leveraged to keep people engaged.


  1. Communication: Video chat, online messaging, email, and phone communication will keep the world connected through this difficult time. We’ll quickly see how important it is to connect with others for work, pleasure, and, to some degree, our sanity.


It is unknown how long drastic measures stemming from COVID-19 will last, but with technology, thankfully much of the world can continue to carry on with personal and business relationships.


Artemis Is Your Trusted Business Partner During COVID-19 

Artemis is committed to sustaining your business through the immediate challenges and residual effects of the coming months. We are fully equipped to take care of your needs and will be able to support you whether working in the office or remotely. That includes contingency plans for keeping your business operations to the greatest extent possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.