Businessman in a cityAs we at Artemis IT know the cloud potentially offers greater agility and speed, but as more companies transition to cloud services, new levels of complexity test the confines of legacy technology. Enterprises are having to juggle their older technology with the new demands of a growing online presence.

Just in time to help with that transition, Google Cloud announced their new Network Connectivity Center. The tool will manage both on-premises and cloud networks.[1]

A Single Management Experience

Google Cloud Networking product manager Rohith Ramkumar explained in a blog post that with the new Network Connectivity Center, enterprises will be able to eliminate multiple steps. For example, IT managers will be able to give multiple networks the ability to operate in sync. With one management tool, IT can use Google’s global infrastructure to easily connect, create, and manage both cloud networks and on-premises networks.[2]

VPNs and Third-Party Router Connections

In addition to seamlessly connecting dedicated interconnects and partners, enterprises can also connect Software-Defined WANs and third-party routers.[2] Working this way will allow businesses to optimize their connectivity, thereby lowering costs and reducing the burden on operations.

Flexible Cloud Connectivity

In his blog post, Ramkumar added that the Network Connectivity Center will include not just flexible cloud connectivity but also a single connectivity model. Users can also expect real-time visibility in their enterprise’s global network and connectivity for VPN-based multi-cloud solutions. Using Google’s infrastructure, you can now leverage existing and new partners as you continue to further transition to the cloud.[2]

Cisco SD-WAN Connectivity

Another bonus of Google’s new Network Connectivity Center is that the tool will ease the connection to Cisco SD-WAN.[3] Google announced a partnership with Cisco in April 2020 that connected the Google Cloud to Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub, which aimed to enable faster and more secure on-demand connectivity.[4] A separate blog post by Cisco Enterprise Routing’s JL Valente noted that with the partnership, users could begin enjoying a more seamless experience through a consistent workflow and unified UI.[5]

One-Stop Solution

The Google Network Connectivity Center is currently available for public preview. It will give network administrators a one-stop solution for configuring connectivity across environments like Virtual Private Clouds within Google Cloud. The tool will also work with some hybrid connectivity services that span the enterprise data centers and the public cloud.[2]

Real-Time Visibility for Global Networks

The Network Connectivity Center offers visibility for visualizing, monitoring, and troubleshooting your network.[2] You can monitor not only real-time performance but also view traffic flows, monitor network health, and even verify connectivity intent.

In the current environment, the new Google Network Connectivity Center is a tool that can help us navigate the new world of work in the COVID era. As your leading managed IT and off-site IT support partner, Artemis IT is prepared to help you sustain your business in these unprecedented times, so contact us today to learn more.