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Artemis Customer Profile: Richard’s Paint Manufacturing

In 1954, two brothers, Edward and Joseph Richard, painter’s living and working in Hialeah, Florida, opened a local paint retail store called Richard Brothers Paints. The Richard brothers, along with their wives, worked in a 1,200-square foot building and started their business with an investment of less than $500.00. Today, Richard’s Paint Manufacturing, is a sprawling 100,000 square foot facility located in Rockledge, Florida, producing more than 2 million gallons of paint per year. Richard’s also has standalone and collocated retail locations, representatives across the US, and distributors as far away as China.

As the company grew, so did Richard’s IT needs. Increasing reliance on computer systems was not confined to the company’s administrative functions, but spread throughout the sales, research and development, manufacturing, and logistics departments.

Although Richard’s had internal staff that could address many end user support issues, the company relied on an outside vendor for server and critical network support. However, the vendor was not sufficiently responsive, even when productivity and the company’s ability to conduct business were impacted.

Due to Artemis’ professional reputation and goodwill in the community, Richard’s reached out to Artemis to see if they could provide the responsive support the company needed plus ongoing advisement on technology planning and management. After a proposal review and vetting process, Richard’s selected Artemis as its technology management and support partner.

Today, Artemis provides 24/7 network monitoring, rapid support, cybersecurity, and data backup services to Richard’s headquarters and retail locations. Completed projects include upgrades of critical network infrastructure, data management, migration from on premise Exchange email to Microsoft Office 365, and implementation of a multi-tiered, managed backup system. Artemis’ included “virtual CIO” advisement and planning services helps to ensure IT is keeping in lockstep with the business.