Email / Spam Protection

The smart way to protect and preserve email

Email is an amazing business communication tool and a source of massive amounts of data. Unfortunately, it’s also an easy target for spam, viruses, phishing, and other malware.

email-spam_2015 Many small businesses are unaware of just what the risks are or that they’re subject to the same legal and compliance requirement as large businesses when it comes to their email records. Artemis employs state of the art technology to proactively protect your business from the risk and nuisance of viruses and spam.

Our anti-virus & spam solutions are managed solutions design to automatically update with the most current levels of protection so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are protected.

As part of these services, Artemis monitors the systems to ensure that we are alerted to any issues for quick resolution—allowing you to stay focused on your business. As a Barracuda Partner we are equipped to provide you with both hardware and software solutions to your anti-virus, spam and web filtering needs.


Together with Barracuda Solutions, Artemis can help you establish an email security and archiving system that will:

Secure your email

Stop spam, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware BEFORE they arrive in your inbox

Preserve and access emails more easily

Online archive of all inbound and outbound filtered messages with attachments and flexible search features

Enhance operational efficiencies

Offload massive storage requirements from your server

Make search easier

Full email indexing and seamless access to records

Don’t get caught by surprise.

Artemis will help you enhance email as a communication tool and preserve the information it contains so that your email is an asset instead of a liability.

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