working from homeMany companies these days are letting employees work from home which saves businesses the costs of renting offices and gives workers the flexibility they need to be productive. While working from home is beneficial for many, the cybersecurity risks are a major downside. Here are five tips to ensure that your setup is safe when you are working from home.

Ensure the VPN Is Always On

When working remotely, you should utilize an off-site IT service known as a VPN that belongs to your employer. The most crucial role of a VPN is to block certain locations from gaining access to information. Another important role of a VPN is ensuring online privacy is in check. VPNs protect any information sent between you and your employer with data encryption.[1]

Have the Latest Antivirus Software

Great antivirus software is one essential investment for businesses.[1] Anti-virus will help save you from cyber breaches. Businesses face substantial damages resulting from cybercrimes as hackers try to access their confidential information. Antivirus software will ensure that your virtual office is protected against threats such as malware, phishing scams, and zero-day attacks. Are you having trouble solving such breaches? Artemis will help you solve your IT troubles through our managed IT services.

Create Strong Passwords

A strong password is equal to strong security. Anyone attempting access will need a password before logging in to your computer or your Wi-Fi network. Strong, lengthy passwords with special characters are the best passwords. Also, ensure that you have a unique password for all your accounts. On top of this, turn off the “remember password” anytime you access your employer’s information systems through a virtual desktop.[1]

Consider Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

A strong password, as great as it is, is not a guarantee against any form of cyberattack. Two-factor authentication is an extra step that adds more security to your system. An example is an email with a verification code or a biometric scan to verify who you are.[1]

Ensure You Have a Strong Backup

It’s your worst nightmare: You’ve lost your most important files. What will you do when retrieving them is not an option? Make sure to have a backup. Imagine a scenario in which ransomware attacks your files. You will lose everything if you don’t have a backup. Always ensure you back up files regularly. Using to the cloud is one way you can store your important files. Your data will be safe even if there is a virus attack.

Having a virtual office is great, but you need to ensure that your system is secure. Our team of professionals is ready to offer the IT solutions that your business may need. From the cloud to security solutions, we will ensure that you get all the necessary IT services your company requires. Contact us today for more on our system security services.