computer showing codeToday’s modern businesses utilize technology in a multitude of ways to facilitate daily processes as well as reach short and long-term goals. A well-organized, fully functional IT infrastructure can be of great benefit to a business, enabling managers, team leaders and employees to work more efficiently. However, many businesses struggle with various common IT problems that hinder productivity.

In actuality, no business is ever fully immune from the occasional IT issue. That’s why many organizations that don’t employ their own IT departments use outsourced IT service providers. Dedicated to providing small business IT services that ensure your network is secure and working for your optimal benefit, outsourced IT can easily solve many of the IT problems your organization may face, as well as streamline your IT infrastructure.

Common Technology Issues Small Businesses Face

1. The Cost of Improving and Upgrading Technology

It’s no secret that some components of technology, both hardware and software, can be expensive. The high costs involved in upgrading your IT infrastructure can sometimes be a deterrent, consequently holding you back from making the necessary improvements. But by working with outsourced IT, you can potentially save money while still upgrading your IT and at the same time garnering a strong ROI.

IT experts, like those at Artemis IT, can consult with you and assess your current IT infrastructure in order to develop a plan and make recommendations on what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. With a strong knowledge of the IT marketplace, an IT services provider can help you spend wisely and make the most of your IT budget.

2. Integrating New Technology With Older Systems

Not every piece of hardware or software application needs to be replaced. But integration issues can often occur between newer and older IT. This can cause slowdowns in the network or applications that don’t perform properly, among other problems. Outsourced IT can recognize potential integration problems and help you better plan your IT infrastructure to minimize or eliminate the problems.

3. Lack of Proper Security

Cybersecurity is a huge concern for small businesses in all industries. Small business IT needs to address security and compliance issues to prevent cyberattacks and hackers from infiltrating the network. Outsourced IT experts provide 24/7/365 monitoring of your network and devices to detect, prevent and eliminate cyber threats.

4. No Backup and Recovery Plan

Data backups are extremely important, yet many small businesses fail to implement a sufficient data backup and recovery plan. Developing a plan after a data loss is too late. And a data loss can occur at any time due to a power outage, hacking attempt, server crash, or natural disasters such as flood or fire. Outsourced IT professionals can install a strong data backup and recovery system to ensure that business operations can continue quickly in the event of an unexpected data loss.

5. Insufficient IT Management

Monitoring, managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure is a full-time job. Likewise, aligning your IT within the organization to aid in the growth of your business requires strategic planning. Ensuring that your network is adequately prepared to grow and meet new challenges is critical to your future success.

Outdated systems, slow networks and applications lacking in features make it difficult for employees to perform their jobs in a productive, efficient manner. Small business IT that is managed by professionals in the industry dedicated to providing expert service and guidance will ensure that your IT infrastructure is always well-maintained, enabling you to use IT smarter for the ultimate achievement of your goals.

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