man at computerWe’ve already explored how a managed service provider (MSP) of IT services can help SMBs. But how does this align with your business goals? Every business is different, with a unique vision and way of working. An effective outsourced IT provider can help you realize that business vision more easily, more efficiently, and with the minimum of disruption due to technical issues. Currently, around one-quarter of small businesses already outsource for increased efficiency[i]. Let’s explore why.

Budget Management

According to Statista, the expected total spend on IT by SMBs is $684 billion[ii]. With cost-cutting and budget management always a top priority for businesses, getting the best value from an IT provider is vital. The best outsourced IT providers will have clear pricing structures and contracts that suit all businesses, from startups to larger enterprises. Outsourcing takes away the financial strain of having to hire and potentially continuously train IT specialists in-house.

Better Performance Management

An effective suite of IT solutions includes support for your performance and productivity management applications. You need all your data recording and storage facilities to work at maximum capacity all the time to ensure your teams are getting the feedback they need on sales, customer engagement, or productivity. Data storage also has to meet state, national, and even international standards and regulations. Talk to your IT services provider about any pain points in gathering statistics about your business performance. They can usually give valuable insights or suggest a reallocation of resources to keep your business moving forward. They’ll also check that you’re using your data in line with regulations. 

Future-Proofing Your Business

Hiring the best IT specialists today could still mean that, in six months, your in-house IT team is running on out-of-date information and unable to deal with the current IT challenges. Without continuous training, which takes IT specialists away from their roles, it’s costly and challenging to have an IT team that knows what to do in all situations. When your business operates with outdated IT, it can fall behind the competition or fall prey to cybercriminals — more on that below. Future-proof your business by outsourcing your IT concerns to a team that prides itself on being at the top of its field.

Protection From Cyber Attacks

On average, a cyber attack such as ransomware can cost small businesses $25,000[iii]. Considering that 42% of companies were targeted by cybercriminals in 2020, with that figure rising in 2021[iv], having experts in cybersecurity on hand has gone from desirable to essential. Keeping an in-house IT team up to speed with the latest cybersecurity techniques is a costly endeavor. Investing in outsourced IT specialists whose job is to know everything about cybercrime and how to beat it is one of the best ways to ensure your business continues to grow without interference from malicious actors. It’s likely that, in the wake of severe cyberattacks in 2021, far more stringent regulations will come into place for businesses that have been victims of cyberattacks. Professional cybersecurity specialists can help your business avoid falling foul of the law and stay focused on your business goals.

As well as the key points above, an outsourced IT specialist can help businesses by advising about asset acquisition management, such as purchasing new hardware. An outsourced team provides a combination of objective and bespoke advice, considering the exact requirements of your business plus the performance or benefits of particular pieces of equipment and how you can utilize them within your industry. Learn more about how Artemis IT can help your business achieve its goals via effective managed IT services. Contact us today for more information.