doctor with tablet Technology plays a significant role in running a modern healthcare business. Therefore, your facility must have the ability to manage and protect data. You should also be able to maintain and expand your IT infrastructure in response to your business’ growth. Outsourcing your facility’s IT department has many benefits. Here are four reasons why you should consider it.


Reduced Operating Costs

Infrastructure management, procurement, facility management, capacity planning, and other critical IT operations can significantly increase your costs if you choose to handle them internally. Outsourcing your IT department to a reputable third-party service provider like Artemis IT can help you reduce your expenditure in several ways.

First, third-party service providers have their own technology. This saves you the need to purchase expensive infrastructure, such as servers. Secondly, they reduce the amount of personnel you would otherwise require for your data management needs as well and the cost of downtime, which, according to studies, can be extremely high.[1] An off-site IT service provider manages their personnel; this reduces your cost on wages and employee management. Lastly, a service provider ensures that your system is regularly updated and maintained. Having a well-managed system reduces your risk of experiencing damage and security breaches.


Better Security Structure

Having a well-secured business structure is very crucial for your facility. It saves you from potential cybersecurity threats that result in data loss and potential suits. As a well-established service provider, Artemis IT can ensure that your structure is well secured. They monitor your network for updates and potential threats throughout the day.

Apart from securing your virtual network, the company can provide you with on-site security systems. These include monitoring access control and installing anti-burglary systems and CCTVs.


Experience IT and its Wide Range of Transformative Aspects

The IT space is constantly transforming. New technology has resulted in a complex network that requires experience to manage. Third-party vendors have the skills and experience required to provide first-rate managed IT services.

They can now provide you with cloud systems that can help your facility gain heightened levels of efficiency. These include data migration services that ensure your facility avoids interruptions during the migration. Also, they offer cloud infrastructure that allows your business to grow through a secure virtual office.

Additionally, you can access this virtual desktop remotely from anywhere in the world, helping you run your business even when you are away. Your employees will also have access to a shared operations schedule, improving their collaboration and efficiency.

Another advantage is that outsourcing your IT tasks can assist with data management services regarding data storage, backup, and recovery. When your data is protected, your facility has the opportunity to grow. Artemis IT ensures that your data is secure from unauthorized access. In case of damage, they have a good data recovery strategy to keep your business running.

Lastly, outsourcing can help keep your facility compliant with regulatory authorities. According to the HIPPA Journal, breaches in healthcare facilities escalated to a rate of 1.76/day by December 2020.[2] This number is anticipated to rise as healthcare facilities are continuously at risk of data mismanagement. Artemis IT is HIPPA-certified; therefore, they can help make your facility compliant with all government regulations.

Outsourcing Lets You Focus on Business Growth

Letting a professional handle critical tasks can help you focus on other aspects of your business. This might help you expand your healthcare facility quickly to ensure that an expert is handles all IT-related issues.

Artemis is a certified IT support agency that seeks to increase industries growth, efficiency, and productivity. If you want a qualified IT expert with experience spanning over 20 years, Artemis IT is all you need. Contact the IT experts at Artemis IT to request a consultation.