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Define Educational Technology Goals

Prior to implementing any educational technology there needs to be a clear understanding of what the expected educational outcome needs to be; Technology and wiz-bang-wow solutions will not bring about success. Your school’s defined goals need to be educational outcome focused. You need to have goals for the teachers, students, and administrators. Every dime spent on technology should map back to an expected goal or outcome aligned to the school’s mission.

Define Measurable Outcomes

A successful educational technology deployment must have pre-defined measurable outcomes from the beginning. Without these defined outcomes it is easy to get lost in “see how many we deployed” – when what you really want is something like – “our project empowered students and teachers to communicate and learn collaboratively with an overall increase in class participation of 23%”.

Provide Tools and Techniques to deliver on the educational goals

By using a predefined series of measurable goals, you can select technologies that truly fit your intended outcomes. A BYOD solution may be more cost effective to deploy in the school, but if the intended outcome is standardized ebooks for example, there is high risk you may have students who have unsupported devices and therefore fall short of your defined objective. Walk before you can run – Understand where your school is with regard to technology infrastructure, educator technical skills, pedagogy, and culture. Educational technology goals should be realistic and supported by instructional scaffolding. Don’t underestimate the impact of school culture and administrative leadership on the success of technology deployments.

Measure Success, Outcomes and Tell Your Story

At every stage of your technology project(s), you should be ready to evaluate, measure and announce your results. If you have fallen short of expectations, you need to be able to assess, revise and redirect to a more positive outcome.

Learning that your tablet solution overloads your campus Wi-Fi immediately after it has been deployed is a little too late. Understand why and take corrective action quickly and early.

Throughout the deployment process you need to be telling your story. Share your intention. Look for champions who will help spread the word. You want everyone on board with your plan and you want people willing to share problems or concerns you might not have uncovered in your planning.

At every major milestone, ANNOUNCE ANNOUNCE ANNOUNCE. Wave a flag every time you meet an outcome. Use every opportunity you have to make teachers, parents, kids and faculty aware of your success. If you show the positive outcomes from 10 deployed tablets, you may find you audience willing to step up and identify ways to help bring in 10 more. A matching program bolstered by students who are excited about what is happening in the school will help quickly move you forward and can often offset costs.

By sharing your story, you also make the community aware and bring focus to your school as a leader which can result in additional enrollments, donations, volunteers and more.

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