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Artemis understands what educational technology can do to enhance instruction—when deployed correctly and with adequate support.

Work with your technology, from auditing and daily operations to training your staff: Get the most out of your technology investment.

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Does your school have the latest and greatest technology but isn’t seeing measurable ROI in terms of educational benefit? Are you considering a BYOD program but don’t know where to begin? Are you worried that BYOD or One-to-One programs might overload your network? If you are having concerns or issues with any of these items, we can help.

IT audits provide an impartial analysis of your existing technology infrastructure, support operations and instructional technology program and provide you with a road map to ensure future success.

Many educational technology projects are deployed without a plan and without adequate stakeholder input. Stories abound of failed school technology deployments due to inadequate infrastructure, poor operational planning, no stakeholder input, little community support, and little professional development.

The result: frustrated teachers and students, squandered class time, poor educational outcomes, wasted money, and negative publicity.

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